Yellowfin Sole (Limanda Aspera)
February - April , Sept - October
Country of origin: USA
 Fishing area
  • Yellowfin sole is an excellent source of low-fat protein, calcium, and other important nutrients
  • Yellowfin sole is the target of the largest flatfish fishery in the world
  • Alaska is responsible for the majority of the worldwide yellowfin sole catch
  • Yellowfin sole is typically fished from late winter through autumn
Whole Round Style
250gr- \ 250-400gr \ 400gr+
Block packed (16.5 kg \ 18.5kg)
H&G Style
100-200gr\ 200-300gr\ 200-350gr\350gr+
Block packed (16.5 kg \ 18.5kg)
Fillet Style
100-150gr \ 150-200gr
IQF (25 lbs boxes)