Alaska Pollock (Theragra Chalogramma)
January - April, August - November
Country of origin: USA
Fishing area
  • Pollock, a relative of cod, is the main component of fish sticks, fish filet sandwiches and imitation crab (surimi)
  • The Alaska pollock fishery is managed by one of the strongest catch share management systems in the world
  • Pollock has firm, white flesh with a low-to-medium fat content. It has a sweet, delicate flavor
  • Pollock is also popular for roe. It is marketed frozen and processed into fillets and blocks
Whole Round Style
500-1000gr \ 1000gr+
Block packed (20 kg boxes)
HGT Style
300-500gr \ 300-700gr \ 700gr+
Block packed (20 kg boxes)
IQF (22.68 kg box)
Fillet Style
50-100gr \ 100-200gr \ 200gr+