Alaska Plaice (Pleuronectes Quadrituberculatus)
February - December
Country of origin: USA
Fishing area
  • The Alaska plaice is a right-eyed flounder, family Pleuronectidae
  • It is one of four shallow-water flatfishes along with the yellowfin sole, rock sole and flathead sole
  • Most of Alaska plaice are caught as bycatch by commercial trawlers trying to catch other bottom fish
  • Most of Alaska plaice production is seafrozen
Whole Round Style
L (600-800gr) \ 2L (800-1000gr) \ 3L (1000gr+)
H&G Style
L (600-800gr) \ 2L (800-1000gr) \ 3L (1000gr+)
Fillet Style
200-300gr / 300-400gr / 400-500gr